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Interview With Dr. Felipe Malacara, MD, Chief Clinical Director at Beond Ibogaine Therapy Center

Beond Ibogaine therapy

Ibogaine is a drug derived from the root bark of the West African shrub known as iboga (Tabernanthe iboga). For hundreds of years, indigenous African peoples, such as those practicing the Bwiti tradition, have ingested large doses of ibogaine in its raw form for its spiritual and healing properties. Ibogaine is a purified form of…

Anonymous research on psychedelics by Exeter Uni

Exeter Uni research

Contribute to important psychological research on psychedelics anonymously At the University of Exeter, they are investigating the effects of psychedelics on experiential avoidance and are looking for participants who have taken psychedelics in the last 12 months to take part in a short, anonymous survey to analyze this. The University of Exeter in the UK…

Interview with The Spirit Pharmacist

The Spirit Pharmacist

We had the privilege to interview Benjamin Malcolm, AKA “The Spirit Pharmacist” and had the chance to ask him some expert questions that we found fascinating and educating. Listen to the full interview   PSYfront: Can you tell us briefly how you became the spirit pharmacist? What was it that inspired you to follow this path?…

Ayahuasca to Treat ALS? An Interview With Daniel Gustafsson

ayahuasca treatment for ALS

We came to talk with Daniel Gustafsson, the man behind “Ayahuasca ALS treatment” and the person that develops the method of treating ALS patinates with Ayahuasca, and this is what we found. What Is the Origin of the Idea to Use Ayahuasca to Treat ALS? The concept of ayahuasca used for ALS treatment came after reading about research…

Can Microdosing Psilocybin and LSD Help With PMDD?

Types of HPPD

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is a condition experienced by many women throughout their lives in the days leading up to their period. Unfortunately, there are only a few types of treatments for this condition, and most of them are ineffective. However, some women claim that psychedelic microdosing could help them alleviate some of the remaining problems…

Short and Long-Term Effects of Psychedelics on Sleep

psychedelics and sleep

Sleep is integral to a healthy mind and body, so it is essential to be mindful of how drugs impact restful slumber. Can psychedelics interfere with our regular sleep schedule?  Are their effects good or bad for our sleep? Interestingly, both sleep and psychedelics are associated with increased neuroplasticity. Moreover, lucid dreaming is subjectively the…

5 Reasons Why Psychiatrists Support LSD-Therapy for Depression

There has been a notable rise in recorded cases of depression in recent years, primarily due to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a study, experts noticed two significant reasons for the rise of major depression cases: the increase in Corona-virus infections and the reduction in human mobility. It makes sense because these two…

Psychedelics vs. Meditation: Different Paths to Similar Ends

Psychedelics vs. Meditation: Different Paths to Similar Ends

Psychedelic substances have a long history of therapeutic use, and the link to meditation is not new, as many people now view meditation as a natural extension of psychedelic states. Let’s examine the shared and differing aspects of these two alternative methods for personal growth and self-discovery, and how the two might be able to…

Can Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin) Treat Dementia? 

Can Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin) Help Treat Dementia? 

Previously, magic mushrooms have been linked to the treatment of depression, PTSD, anxiety, and substance addiction. Now it is emerging that psilocybin has a role to play in dementia. Psilocybin mushrooms, it is claimed, might be able to prevent cognitive decline from dementia by promoting the growth of new brain cells and networks.  A group…

Cross-Tolerance to Psychedelics: A Full Guide

Cross-Tolerance to Psychedelics: A Full Guide

When someone consumes psychedelics or other substances regularly, they develop a tolerance. The body no longer responds to the substance in the same manner it did the first time the individual ingested it over time. Increasing tolerance may cause the brain to lose its euphoria or cause coordination issues causing the user to seek more of…

The Effects of Ketamine on Human Sexual Behavior

Sex and ketamine explained

Chemsex is when people consensually use stimulant drugs such as methamphetamine or mephedrone and Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate (GHB) during sex. While less common, some people choose to use Ketamine or Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) to enhance their sexual experience. This article will explain the effects of ketamine on sex, its advantages, and disadvantages, as well as its potential dangers. Introducing…

Fly Agaric: Understanding the Amanita Muscaria Mushroom

All You Need To Know About the Amanita Muscaria Mushroom

The Amanita Muscaria (also known as the Fly Agaric) is a hallucinogenic mushroom found in conifer and deciduous woodlands in the northern hemisphere, including Asia, Europe, the United States, and Canada. While most Amanita are considered poisonous (or even deadly poisonous), the mushroom has been used by ancient shamans in the Americas and Asia for centuries. What is the Amanita Muscaria…

Natural Vs. Synthetic Psychedelics: Which is Better?

Natural Vs. Synthetic Psychedelics: Which is Better?

Humankind and hallucinogens have gone hand in hand for millennia. Cave paintings in Spain dating back 6,000 years indicate the use of magic mushrooms in religious ceremonies. Across the ocean in the Americas, evidence suggests indigenous North Americans have used peyote for recreational and religious purposes for the last 5,500 years. Further south, in the…

Psychedelics & Mind-Altering Drugs of Ancient Times

Psychedelics & Mind-Altering Drugs of Ancient Times

Did our ancestors use drugs? If so, was it for the same reasons that we take drugs? Drug use is probably as old as the human race, but there is little mention in ancient texts. One might even ask: Have drugs always been part of who we are as humans? The more we learn about…

MDMA Clinical Research and Forecast for Medical Use

MDMA Clinical Research and Forecast for Medical Use

MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) is a synthetic hallucinogen. The street names ecstasy or molly sometimes refer to it, but many of these pills only contain trace amounts of MDMA. MDMA is a Schedule 1 substance in many countries worldwide. This makes it illegal to produce, possess, and sell. However, the medical community has urged governments to relook at the drug….

The Stoned Ape Theory Explained

The Stoned Ape Theory Explained

In the last decade, we have experienced a gradual renaissance of psychedelic therapy, with researchers looking at the role that hallucinogenic compounds play in promoting mental health.` Unfortunately, not much has been said about the role of psychedelics in stimulating human consciousness. Does that mean that we have forgotten all that has to do with…

Microdosing LSD: A Complete Guide

Microdosing LSD: A Complete Guide

Media reports indicate that microdosing psychedelics is gradually increasing in popularity, especially among the younger demographic. It appears that regular LSD use, as well as microdosing, is also on the rise in the U.S. For example, from 2015 to 2018, LSD use increased by over 50%. Some are turning to LSD to understand their own consciousness, others are using it…

Are Psychedelic Drugs Addictive?

Are Psychedelic Drugs Addictive?

The psychedelics industry is in the spotlight as the demand for psychedelic treatments continues to rise. New research appears to be vouching for the case of using psychedelic drugs to treat mental health issues. A report from research and markets projected that the Psychedelic Drugs Market size would reach USD 10.75 Billion by 2027, up from USD 4.75 Bn…

Ketamine in the Eyes of International Law

Ketamine legal status

The legality of ketamine is a grey area, with many countries setting limits on the extent of what is allowed or prohibited. Where ketamine is legal for medicinal use, it must be administered in appropriate settings and by a registered practitioner. This article breaks down the parameters under which ketamine is legal or illegal in the U.S….

Nasal Spray Vs. Infusion Ketamine: Which is Better?

Nasal Spray Vs. Infusion Ketamine: Which is Better?

Ketamine belongs to a group of drugs known as dissociative anesthetics. Other drugs in this class include phencyclidine (PCP), dextromethorphan (DXM), and nitrous oxide. These drugs have medicinal use; they also have a potential for abuse. Due to this, Ketamine is classified as a schedule 3 drug. IV ketamine has been in use for decades as…