There has been a notable rise in recorded cases of depression in recent years, primarily due to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a study, experts noticed two significant reasons for the rise of major depression cases: the increase in Corona-virus infections and the reduction in human mobility.

It makes sense because these two factors can cause stress and isolation, two significant causes of depression. So, as you can see, there is a need to find a treatment or a cure for these symptoms to stop them from increasing.

It is well known that various commonly used treatments such as therapy or antidepressants have variable outcomes. If you suspect symptoms, you can do so via a find therapist UK company. But still, experts around the world are currently looking for better treatments and cures. Furthermore, certain psychiatrists have begun to use LSD-assisted therapy for treating major depression.

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of psychedelic medicine, It might sound like a prank, but trust us, it is not. This post will examine why psychiatrists regard LSD treatments as a ground-breaking breakthrough in treating depression.

Let's dive in.


1. It Can Help Create New Neuronal Connections

Antidepressants like SSRIs are commonly used and have shown effective results in countering depression symptoms. SSRIs aim to increase the serotonin in your brain by helping you create new neuronal connections. In animal studies, psychedelic drugs like LSD have shown similar abilities and results.

Similarly, there is evidence that it can also help enhance neuroplasticity in human minds. The effects of these drugs can be enhanced further through guidance and therapy, a specialty of psychiatrists. As a result, they have begun integrating it into their treatment.


2. It Can Help Depressed People Break Rigid Patterns of Thoughts

The tendency to get stuck on particular thoughts is one of the significant obstacles faced by people suffering from major depressive disorders. In many cases, it is a result of a past traumatic experience that constantly makes them feel negative about themselves.

Psychedelic substances like LSD, Ketamine, and Psilocybin, when administered as part of psychedelic-assisted therapy, can help put patients in a dream-like, therapeutic state where they can experience memories in a different light.

In some cases, it allows them to break apart their rigid thought patterns and face their traumas head-on. Psychedelic-assisted therapy also helps psychiatrists guide patients better by helping them integrate fresh and positive ideas in their minds, which might help cure their depression.


3. It Increases Suggestibility Among Patients Who Suffer From Depression

Experts define suggestibility as the tendency or emotional characteristic of people to change their behavior in response to others' suggestions without criticism. This is usually a bad thing as it makes people more likely to adopt negative behaviors. However, psychiatrists are trained individuals who aim to cure mental conditions.

It has been shown that psychedelic drugs like LSD make patients more suggestible, which psychiatrists can use to help them adopt positive suggestions. This can help patients heal from mental health conditions like depression.


4. It Helps Patients Get Insights to Better Understand Their Condition

A better understanding of depressive disorders can help patients cope with them much more effectively. Additionally, psychiatrists are able to perform their tasks more efficiently.

study on the effectiveness of psychedelics with psychiatric disorders showed that patients reported improved insights into their condition. This insight included helping them understand the root disorder of their cause and any related behavior. Some even reported how increasing psychedelic sessions improved these insights.

Such insights are something that many psychiatrists aim to achieve, which is why they include them as part of their therapy sessions.


5. It Helps Provide Patients With Altered Self-Perceptions

Depression is often a state induced by the mind as a self-defense mechanism that is a reaction to a traumatic experience. It can result in many patients becoming increasingly self-critical, which can lower self-love and keep them in a negative state of mind.

Psychedelics like LSD may help patients change their self-perception by loosening their sense of self and accepting what they have gone through.

In other words, psychedelic-assisted therapy may be able to help patients go easy on themselves and break their negative thought cycles while lowering their psychological defense mechanisms.


To sum up

Major depression is a disorder that has been on the rise in recent years, mainly due to the corona-virus pandemic. It has led to many people feeling isolated and stressed, which has resulted in cases of depression.

Psychiatrists have access to a variety of treatments for depressive disorders, including consultation therapy and antidepressant drugs. The general public and mental health professionals are becoming increasingly aware of psychedelic-assisted therapy. As a result, many people are hoping that more psychotherapists will soon be able to use these substances in the near future to treat their patients' conditions and improve their quality of life.

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