Why Do Shrooms Make Me Cry?

Magic mushroom trips have an emotional component that cannot and should not be ignored. By using psilocybin you choose to walk within your subconscious, that is why it is no wonder that you may experience a variety of complex emotions. Magic mushrooms may cause you to cry, and even the toughest people can end up crying when they use them.

Eventually, just like the Psilocybin trip itself, shedding tears is a personal journey and everyone is different; some people cry all the time, others shed a few tears, and some people do not cry at all.

In this post, we will take a look at why people cry when they are on magic mushrooms. Is it a normal phenomenon? Is it healthy for mental health? We will try to answer these questions, and maybe shed a few tears along the way.


What to Do if You Are Crying While Tripping on Magic Mushrooms

First and foremost, crying is a natural phenomenon and if shrooms make you feel like you’re about to burst, let it out. It’s a part of the trip and you’re most definitely not alone.

That being said, if you know that shrooms cause you to cry, you might want to have someone by your side through the entire experience. Feeling safe and secure are the most important aspects of a psychedelic experience and creating a comfortable setting will make you go through it with less anxiety and a much more positive outcome.

What Can I Do to Stop Crying Right Now?

If you are currently under the influence of the magic mushroom and you find that you are crying uncontrollably, then it's best to give in to the emotion. You're allowed to cry! In fact, it might be healthy. Once the trip is over, ask yourself if you are ready for similar experiences in the future.

If you really want to avoid or stop crying while tripping, you need to directly influence your current set and setting. Here are just a few suggestions that might help you right away:

  • Go for a small walk in the park.
  • Change the atmosphere by listening to music.
  • Talk to a close friend.
  • Watch a funny movie.
  • Try to do something creative.
  • Play video games.

The magic mushroom trip will not last forever, so maybe just for now, suppressing your emotions may help if you are mentally unprepared or feel unbalanced enough to deal with crying and extreme emotions for the next few hours. Then again, if the experience takes you into a state of crying, it might be better and more interesting to surrender, dive into the unknown, and emerge triumphant.


How Psilocybin Affects Your Emotions

Psychedelics are known to have an impact on emotions. Research on psilocybin shows how after only one week after receiving a dose, the positive effect and the brain’s response to emotionally-conflicting stimuli were significantly higher. After a month, these effects only increased, while at the same time decreasing negative effects and anxiety. And not only that but the baseline resting-state functional connections across the brain dramatically increased.

This shows how psilocybin can potentially have a great effect in increasing neuroplasticity as well as more positive emotional responses while reducing the negative ones.

Psilocybin's chemical structure

It should come as no surprise that psychedelics can have a positive impact on our mental health. It’s actually the biggest reason why they became so popular in recent years as they’re seen as a non-invasive, alternative, mood-boosting therapy for those fighting mental health disorders such as treatment-resistant depression and anxiety.

Effects of Psilocybin mushrooms on the Brain and Emotions

The body of research on psychedelics is growing each day, and the latest studies come with strong evidence that supports psilocybin’s effect on the brain. The scientists at UC San Francisco and Imperial College London have conducted a study that shows a person’s MRI brain scan after taking psilocybin.

The image literally shows how the brain’s landscape flattens and opens up, allowing for the formation of new thoughts, perspectives, insights, and connections. This is a revolutionary discovery that only propels psilocybin-assisted therapy further in the space of alternative treatments for depression and anxiety.

The Impact of Psychedelic shrooms on Emotion Regulation Through Spirituality

Types of HPPD

A study published in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology found strong evidence of psychedelics impacting emotion regulation through spirituality which then can help reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety. The study showed how participants with a more common psychedelic use reported greater spirituality, and those with greater spirituality consequently had fewer difficulties with emotion regulation.

Music and Psychedelics Have an Emotional Connection

A Musician’s Personal Take on Psychedelics and the Creative Process

A study done on LSD showed an emotional connection between psychedelic use and listening to music. Generally, when conducting clinical trials with psychedelics, the researchers create music playlists to support the psychedelic experience. This study, presented at the 2021 European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) Congress in Lisbon, shows how connecting LSD and music can result in enhanced emotional processing suggesting that music playlists should definitely be an active component of most psychedelic therapies.


Why Do We Cry on Shrooms?

Crying happens for a few different reasons, from a reflex reaction that occurs when something falls into your eye and irritates it and basal tears that help keep your eyes lubricated to emotional tears that are triggered by a strong emotional experience and laughing tears that occur when there’s too much pressure around the eye ducts. Tears also occur when we’re experiencing physical pain, as well as when we’re cutting onions.

But when we think about crying, we almost always connect it with emotions. Sadness, frustration, and even extreme happiness are all emotions that can stimulate a release of tears. And it seems that scientists are to this day dumbfounded about why it actually occurs.

Michael Trimble, a British behavioral neurologist and one of the world’s leading experts on crying says that humans are the only creatures whose tears can be triggered by their feelings, and that “There must have been some point in time, evolutionarily, when the tear became something that automatically set off empathy and compassion in another. Actually being able to cry emotionally, and being able to respond to that, is a very important part of being human.”

Understanding Crying From a Biological Standpoint

From a biological standpoint, we have tears coating our eyes all the time, protecting them and lubricating them. These are called basal tears and without them, our eyes would be dry and they wouldn’t be protected from dirt, dust, and debris of the outside world.

Reflex tears occur when an irritant (like a piece of dirt or debris) actually enters the eye. They are a tool of protection, washing out whatever is irritating them. They also contain antibodies to help fight harmful substances.

When strong emotions arise, crying shows up as a sort of release which many people find therapeutic and helpful. Research shows that crying releases oxytocin and endorphins, helping ease stress, pain, and negativity. That’s why it’s often called releasing of the build-up as it literally feels like tears are building behind your eyes with strong emotions and then letting go with a relaxing release.

Crying as Therapy

​​​​What Is Psychedelic Therapy?

Whether you’re crying tears of joy, sadness, frustration, or pain, there’s a common belief it helps as a self-soothing, therapeutic tool. And even though you can’t cry on cue, knowing that there are possible ways to encourage it and find some relief is another positive feature of psychedelics. Some people need to feel detachment from themselves to see their life “outside of their body” and focus on the good, and others need cleansing tools such as crying, dancing, and simply feeling more in order to self-soothe and experience a release.

So, Why Do You Cry When You Take Magic Mushrooms?

If research shows how psilocybin may have a strong impact on emotions and crying often happens due to emotions rising, the connection between the two seems to make total sense.

Reasons why you may cry while tripping on shrooms:

  • You repress your emotions which are now intensified and flooding the surface.
  • Shrooms made you think of your past, which can be connected to trauma, pain, nostalgia, and overall negative emotions.
  • Shrooms made you feel so happy that you started crying out of joy and intense euphoria.
  • You are going through an existential crisis and the stress build-up is letting go.
  • You feel one with the Universe.


Psychedelics tend to intensify emotions, so feelings of sadness, as well as feelings of joy, may become greater, making it hard for you to deal with them. This overwhelming sensation can trigger tears, aiming for that feel-good release that happens once the build-up lets go.

It Is Not Uncommon for People to Cry While Using Magic Mushrooms

Many users of psychedelics report crying out of joy and understanding of sorrow and pain, and the love for their families. Some even say that they cry without understanding the reason behind it - they just do. Most of them see it as a cleansing, purging ritual that happens when they take shrooms and some find it so therapeutic that they welcome it with open arms whenever it occurs.

Some people have a hard time crying and often need additional stimulus to actually let it all out. Taking shrooms could be a great and safe way to let their feelings out instead of punching a boxing bag or lashing out in traffic.

You might have heard about Snoop Dogg opening up about his psychedelic experience in 2017 when psilocybin made him cry uncontrollable tears, making him unable to get on stage and perform with Run-D.M.C. He said he didn’t even see it coming, but the result was such a positive and cathartic experience, making him feel really good.

Another popular psilocybin psychedelic experience is a story told by Nancy Solak who openly shared her emotional, crying journey with magic mushrooms. Her experience talks about the past, the trauma, the sadness, and the unhappy and unresolved memories which have made their way into her mind and body through her psychedelic experience. It’s a completely different standpoint, but one worth noting and observing as psychedelics can have a strong effect on your past, even the one you repressed.

Many people report feeling stronger emotions when on their psychedelic experience as too often they subconsciously forbid themselves to fully feel. Living in this busy, hectic world, constantly under stressful evaluations of others, living up to sometimes unrealistic expectations, and tuning into other people’s traumas, it can be hard to focus on your own. A psychedelic experience may help you do just that: be with yourself, in the present moment, allowing yourself to feel all the feelings and their side effects. It can be a form of therapy in itself.


Summary: It’s Ok to Cry!

Does Meditation Have a Place Within the Future of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy?

The legalization and decriminalization of psychedelics has been in full swing in recent years and it’s due to their incredible effects on those who are struggling with really hard emotions such as treatment-resistant depressionPTSD, and anxiety that people are starting to recognize their true power and healing potential.

Crying is a natural action of the human body that tends to be triggered by strong emotions. Sometimes you don’t need much to feel the tears form in the back of your eyes and sometimes you need to feel a bit deeper. Psilocybin-assisted therapy may help out and make you feel good, cleansed, and relaxed. Even more so if you’re going through some mental health challenges and are seeking out psychedelic therapy for healing purposes.

There Is No Shame or Harm in Crying

Whatever the case may be, there is no shame or harm in crying. It’s a natural human response to emotions and it can be a wonderful therapeutic tool to help you deal with stress and negative emotions. Don’t fight it and let it all out.

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