Sex on Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms) Explained

Magic mushrooms tend to have different effects on different people but those who take it on the regular often participate in their usual daily routines, from cooking and exercising to sexual intercourse.

Most people who experience sex on shrooms are interested in seeing if and how it will increase their sensations and deepen their intimate connection with their partner. Especially if they already experienced a heightening of their senses through other media while on shrooms, such as listening to music or eating delicious food.


What Does Sex on Shrooms Feel Like

Some couples who have experienced sex on shrooms report a variety of reasons why they enjoy it. Some of these reasons include:

  • Men feeling a stronger and longer-lasting erection
  • Women report having stronger orgasms
  • Couples feel out-of-body sensations which gave them the courage to try things they haven’t explored before
  • Couples report having more passionate sex and a greater sense of oneness

While it does seem enticing to explore how sex might become mindblowing, there are some important things to take into account and prepare for.

Bad Trip

psychedelics and sleep

Even though it’s rare, a bad psychedelic trip can happen to anyone. Especially if you’re going through some deep, negative emotions and you’re in a fragile state. And even though the narrative around bad trips now suggests using the experience to alter our state of mind and look at it as a valuable experience, it’s not an easy thing to do.

More often than not, experiencing a bad trip can leave you feeling scared and anxious to take shrooms again, getting you in a mindset of “what if it happens again.”

So, what if a bad trip occurs during sex? It’s definitely something to keep in mind and focus on creating the “set and setting” for psychedelic experiences as positive and relaxed as possible.

Set and Setting

Every psychedelic experience starts with set and setting, two very important factors in whichever hallucinogen you’re taking. They can completely transform your experience and depending on how different you design them each time, you can have different psychedelic outcomes.

The terms go back to the 1960s and even earlier, as taking shrooms or any other type of psychedelics and drugs was deeply rooted in the cultural, spiritual, religious, and social context of the time.

Set refers to the internal environment you’re in when you’re about to take magic mushrooms. It’s the mental and physical state you find yourself in right before ingesting the dried stem. It’s always recommended to go into your experience with a positive attitude and leave all anxiety and worries behind. The more fear and anxious thoughts surround your experience, the greater the possibility of experiencing a bad trip or similarly negative emotions.

Setting refers to the external environment you’re in before your mushroom trip. It’s the surrounding, the music, the people, the location, the noise, the smells…basically everything that surrounds you. It’s important that the setting you create for yourself makes you feel safe and comfortable, so there’s less stress and anxiety around your psychedelic experience.

You can see now how set and setting can be really important when it comes to sex. Getting yourself in the right mindset as well as creating a safe and comfortable, pleasant environment is really setting up for a potentially extraordinary intimate experience with your partner.

One Night Stands

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A psychedelic experience shouldn’t be thought of as a fun, euphoric journey that only exists for you to have a good time. It can get really deep into your emotions, heightening whatever is out there, from sadness and pain to anger and frustration. And yes, euphoria and feel-good experiences are well-known and very common effects, but if you’re someone who’s taking shrooms to help with their depression and anxiety, chances are these emotions may come up to the surface.

And that’s why it’s always recommended to go through your psychedelic experience guided or accompanied by someone you can trust and feel safe with. One-night stands may be fun, but in most cases involve a random stranger who doesn’t know you, probably doesn’t know you’ve taken shrooms, could be frightened by a sudden episode of you crying from nowhere, and make things worse by leaving and making you feel unsafe.

Let’s just say that one-night stands while on shrooms do not sound like all that good of an idea to be playing with. It could work out, but if it doesn’t it is a potentially traumatic experience.

Sex on Shrooms in a Relationship

When you’re in a relationship, sex life can become a routine, and couples use a variety of different tools to spice things up a bit. Recreational use of magic mushrooms can definitely make their experience one of a kind, especially if they both go into it with a positive mindset,

Additionally, if you’re going to couples therapy and thinking about sexual therapy, the use of psilocybin could potentially be beneficial as most people report feeling closer to one another and feeling an abundance of love for their partner.

Another interesting couples therapy technique that’s bound to help them get more intimate with each other is hypnotherapy. It involves the body and mind and takes into account all reactions, emotional and physical. This could potentially be the best area to explore psilocybin-assisted therapy.


Know and Respect Your Limits

Whether you’re having sex with your partner or a complete stranger, it’s always important to set hard limits and boundaries before the actual act itself. And this rule cannot be more important when you’re about to pair it with psychedelics. Setting boundaries and limits beforehand help guide your experience and keep it within safe and respectful limits.

Be Honest About Taking Shrooms

First and foremost, you should always tell your partner you’re taking shrooms. You might want to take them together or you might be the only one interested in the experience, but don’t keep it from your partner. That way, they’ll be in the know in case your trip suddenly takes a 180-degree turn and won’t be frightened by it. They’ll also be there to help you through it and maintain a safe space for you and your trip.

Set Boundaries

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Second, you should agree on what actions you can and cannot do. Psychedelics are known to heighten emotions and can have you act a bit more intense than usual, causing the intercourse to be rougher, more passionate, faster, or even painful. Even more so if this is your first time having sex while on magic mushrooms, it’s important to set boundaries and prevent uncomfortable and even harmful situations from happening in the first place.

Create a Safe Word

Sex and ketamine explained

Third, decide on a safe word you can use if things get a little too intense even with all of your boundaries and limits in place. You might be experiencing a really incredible, deep connection with your partner and simply take it too far by pushing your limits further. It can happen to anyone, anytime, even if you’ve been having sex on shrooms on the regular. Every psychedelic trip is different as it depends on a variety of factors, from your mental state to the time of the year. That’s why it’s important to prepare a safe word you can both use and take a step back or turn it a notch before it turns into a negative experience.

Don’t Force It

Fourth, being on a psychedelic trip might make you not want to have sex at all. And that’s ok. Just because you’ve heard your friends have an “amazing sexual psychedelic experience” doesn’t mean your libido will be up for it once you’re on your trip. In fact, many people say they don’t even think about sex when they’re tripping, so don’t force it if you’re not feeling it.


Some People Find It Difficult to Focus on the Actual Sexual Act

Some male users report issues with actually being able to ejaculate. They say that the visual distortions made it hard to concentrate. So, this might be something that could cause frustration. Others have issues with their libido or the ability to even get an erection.

Take that into consideration when you’re on your trip. If this happens to you, maybe try taking a smaller dose or find a way to bring yourself to the present moment and your partner, so that you’re not distracted and you’re able to actually finish.


Get Ready for a Deep Connection With Your Partner

Sex and ketamine

If you’re really positive about sex on shrooms and you’re looking at it as a perfect opportunity to deepen your connection with your partner, be prepared for how intense your emotions might get. Those who are not in very serious or long-term relationships may feel like they’re quickly falling in love, and those who’ve been together for years might discover a rekindling, a spark they needed in their lives to breathe new life into their relationship.

Be careful with your emotions. Just as much as you can feel love and joy more intensely, you can feel an intensified level of vulnerability and hurt. Protect your emotional self by pacing yourself and only doing what feels comfortable.

Timing is Everything

Another important aspect of having sex on shrooms is the timing. Most users who combine shrooms with sex on the regular believe it’s best to wait until after the trip’s peak because experiencing the actual peak can be too intense and make the experience take a bad turn. The comedown then seems like the safest and best time to actually engage in sex.


Magic Mushroom Dosages for Sex

If you are unsure of how to start but still want to try having sex on shrooms, we recommend starting with lower dosages.


The common psilocybin dose for microdosing is 0.1–0.3 grams (or 50 to 15 milligrams) of dried mushrooms, but it depends on the user and his experience. If you’re a beginner, this is a great place to start and tweak it up on the go.

Moderate Dosages

If you already got the experience, you can try sex on shrooms with regular magic mushroom doses. 1 to 3 grams is considered a reasonable moderate dose. If you’re going to be communicating with someone else during your mushroom trip, a moderate dosage is all you need.

A low dose is between 1 gram and lower. (Low dosage – not a microdose)

What Happens if I Take Too Much?

If you plan to have sex with your partner while on psilocybin shrooms, the psychedelic experience may take you and your partner to a completely different place. A number of factors could contribute to this, such as taking too much, or perhaps not being ready for such intimacy when tripping. We recommend that you enjoy the psychedelic trip itself and maybe wait for the comedown before trying to have sex again.

Even though things don’t always go as planned, a nonsexual trip with your partner can lead to a totally new experience that’s also intimate for both of you.

But as a thumb rule, If both, you and your partner are taking shrooms, start with the same low dose and talk about your experience before deciding to bump it up.


Final Thoughts

Sex on shrooms can be a wonderful, very intense, and passionate experience, but it is at the end of the day a form of chemsex and it can also have some negative features. Don’t just jump into it blindly, take some time for proper preparation and make sure to always feel safe.

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