Taking psilocybin shrooms can come with a lot of different side effects and experiences. And while most may be pleasant and make you look forward to using them, others might be a bit uncomfortable and cause unwanted effects.

Nausea from shrooms is definitely one of those side effects no one actually looks forward to, and it can be a reason to abstain from taking shrooms or even trying them if you know someone who’s experienced it.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into what is nausea in the first place, why magic mushrooms cause nausea, and how to avoid nausea while shrooming.


What to Do if You’re Tripping on Magic Mushrooms Right Now and Feel Nausea?

If your nausea isn’t really severe and debilitating or you don’t want to throw up, there are some known remedies that can help reduce its intensity, such as:

  • Drink cold beverages
  • Eat bland and salty foods such as saltines or crackers
  • Take ginger lozenges
  • Take a moment to lie down in a dark room
  • Avoid intense activities (or any activities if your nausea is too strong)
  • Visit a park or go outside for some fresh air (if the nausea is not too severe)
  • Place ice packs on the back of your neck
  • Rest, rest, rest

If you're tripping right now, remember that it's a temporary feeling, and it'll pass in a few hours.

If nausea is all that bothers you right now, maybe you should consider making some tea and going for a walk in the park. Many people find that tripping on psychedelics feels so much better when they are outside in nature. This change in the set and setting may help you deal with your nausea or any other discomfort you might be experiencing right now.

Consider contacting your healthcare provider if you feel extremely unwell or have a history of related medical conditions.


What is Nausea?

The unpleasant feeling that’s sometimes really hard to explain can be caused by myriad triggers, from food poisoning and pregnancy to experiencing concussions, motion sickness, or having the stomach flu. Characterized as a symptom, nausea can range from mild to severe and either lead to vomiting or not.

In some cases, vomiting or the urge to empty the contents of your stomach is a good thing as it helps relieve nausea. In other cases, when vomiting doesn’t happen involuntarily, many people try to induce it in order to feel lighter and less uncomfortable.

If your nausea isn’t really severe and debilitating or you don’t want to throw up, there are some known remedies that can help reduce its intensity. These include drinking cold beverages, eating bland foods such as saltines or crackers, taking ginger lozenges, lying in a dark room, avoiding activities, placing ice packs on the back of your neck, and resting.


Nausea From Shrooms

Nausea can occur due to a variety of different reasons, and taking shrooms seems to be one of them. Many people report feelings of uneasiness, discomfort, nausea, and even stomach pains and vomiting. Experts on psilocybin have done some research on the topic, and even though they haven’t exactly pinpointed the root cause of shroom nausea, they did find some of the possible reasons for this unpleasant side effect.

Why Do Shrooms Cause Nausea?

All mushrooms, magic ones included, are composed of chitin, a pathogen polysaccharide that’s known to cause allergies, induce inflammation, and cause overall gastrointestinal distress in some people. As regular cooking ingredients, we rarely eat raw mushrooms, and chitin gets broken down with food processing.

Even though some people cook with magic mushrooms, that’s usually avoided for fear of degrading their psychoactive compounds. Therefore chitin isn’t broken down, and it can be the reason for your nausea symptoms.

Another potential reason for shroom nausea has to do with another fungi compound called beta-glucan. This soluble fiber is usually beneficial for your gut microbiome and helps with weight management, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol, but according to experts, when your stomach acid starts breaking it down, it can cause gastrointestinal distress. In fact, nausea and upset stomach are one of the most common side effects of taking beta-glucans as a medicine or a supplement.

All that being said, just like with everything else, every person is different and may react to any food, drink, or compound in a completely different way. This may be due to one’s stomach pH,l other sensitivities, gut flora, or overall inflammation in the body caused by other factors.

How Long Does Shroom Nausea Last?

According to medical data, the timing of the onset of symptoms defines their severity and a potential reason for concern. Nausea from magic mushrooms usually occurs within five hours of ingestion, most often after about 30 minutes, and lasts anywhere up to six hours or until all other psychedelic effects start to wear out.

Users usually report it lasts for a few hours, but some feel the unpleasant sensations for longer, and not only with psilocybin but with other psychedelics as well. Whether feeling nausea with shrooms means you’ll have the same experience with other hallucinogens is yet to be proved, but there are some types like Ayahuasca and peyote where nausea is very commonly experienced.

How to Reduce Nausea From Shrooms?

Reducing nausea as a symptom has its fair share of tips and solutions, such as cold drinks and ginger lozenges, but when it comes to shroom nausea, there are some remedies known, tried, and accepted in the shroom community that seems to be helpful with at least lowering the intensity if not getting rid of it completely.

Ginger, ginger tea, and ginger candy or lozenges seem to be high on the list of possible remedies. Known to combat nausea for thousands of years, ginger is often used as one of the best options for pregnant women as it doesn’t bring on any other unpleasant side effects.

Taking lemon juice on an empty stomach before shrooms also seems to be popular amongst the shroom community. Lemon juice is known to coat your stomach lining and aid digestion, promoting better nutrient absorption and food breakdown.

And then there are people who simply don’t mind nausea and vomiting if the experience they’re getting is worth it. At least to their belief.

6 Best Tips to Avoid Nausea From Shrooms

It’s one thing to deal with nausea when it’s already occurred, but most people don’t want to experience it in the first place and they want to find a way to prevent it from happening. Although there is no actual scientific data that confirms whether something really works or not, here are some of the best tips you can try to implement and see if they work for you.

Just remember, what works for you doesn’t mean it will work for someone else and vice versa. Find your solution to nausea and stick to it.

First, Let’s Talk About Set and Setting

Why Is Sleep Important?

Before diving into the most common ways of taking shrooms to prevent nausea, it’s important to talk about the set and setting. If you take shrooms in an environment that’s already stressful to begin with, the chances of experiencing any negative side effects increase. Stress and anxiety can have a powerful effect on your psychedelic experience, and it’s, therefore, important to bring your mind to peace before taking shrooms as they might only intensify what you’re already feeling.

The same goes for your environment and the people around you. Try to avoid very hyped-up, crowdy, festival vibes as they’re more likely to cause high adrenalin and, with it, exacerbate your overall psychedelic symptoms.

Eat Shrooms on an Empty Stomach

Eating magic mushrooms on an empty stomach will prevent it from mixing and interacting with food that’s already sitting in your digestive tract, so it lowers the chances of producing unpleasant effects.

Eat Shrooms with Light Foods

On the other hand, some people report how eating it with yogurt, or other light foods helps prevent or reduce nausea. Even though the risk of food reacting with the shrooms is greater, everyone’s gastrointestinal tract is different, and some may feel relief if there’s at least some food in their stomach accompanying them.

Chew Your Shrooms

Users report that chewing shrooms for a long period of time helps prevent the onset of nausea as it allows your body more time to start producing chitinase, an enzyme that helps break down chitin.

Lemon Tek

If you’ve experienced nausea with shrooms, you’ve most certainly heard of lemon tek. This unique concoction is made by pulverizing Magic mushrooms into a fine powder, pouring lemon juice over it, stirring until well combined, letting it sit for about 20 minutes, and then drinking it like a shot.

Pulverizing shrooms helps break down beta-glucans into simple molecules that are then easier to digest by your body. Submerging the powder into the water helps convert psilocybin into psilocin which is also easier on your stomach and helps prevent any unwanted consequences.

However, this does tend to accelerate the shroom trip itself, with people reporting how if their trip usually onsets in about 30 minutes, with lemon tek it happens after only 10. Many people also report that lemon tek leads to a more intense experience, but it doesn’t have to be the case for everyone.

Make Magic Mushroom Tea

How to Make Magic Mushroom Tea?

Most people who’ve successfully succeeded in reducing or preventing nausea symptoms recommend making shroom tea instead of simply ingesting them. Magic mushrooms are dried, turned into a powder (which helps pre-digest beta-glucans), steeped in hot water for about 20 minutes, and then drunk like tea. You can strain the powder after steeping or keep it in if you don’t mind it.

Just like with everything else, this method doesn’t help everyone, so try alternative solutions if this doesn’t work for you.

Test Other Ingredients

There are plenty of recipes you can try with your magic mushrooms that can potentially help reduce the onset or intensity of nausea. Although there is no guarantee they will actually help, there is no harm in trying, especially if you really want to continue taking shrooms and experiencing nausea is deterring you from doing so.

One of the most common pairings to shrooms is chocolate, and many people love the combination for its delicious taste, less “shroomy” aftertaste, and an overall much more pleasant experience. Still, be cautious as you never know what your actual experience might end up being. Some people report that mixing shrooms with cacao only made nausea worse, so keep in mind that everything you try is basically trial and error.

Psilocybin Magic Mushroom therapy

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The Takeaway: How to Stop Nausea From Magic Mushrooms?

Psilocybin magic mushrooms bring on a different experience for every single person, every single time they take them. If you’ve experienced nausea several times, you’ll most likely benefit from trying some of the abovementioned remedies. Depending on how sensitive your digestive system is, you might need to try a few different methods before you find the one that works for you.



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