Things To Do On Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms 

Sometimes, there can be a feeling that you're supposed to be doing something on magic mushrooms, the trip is a journey and needs to take you somewhere and not necessarily a physical place. But what? The possibilities can be overwhelming or not feel significant enough for your trip.

Whether you're already tripping, learning to grow magic mushrooms or planning a future journey, there are many ways to stimulate yourself in new ways in an altered state. To help you figure out what might help you get the most out of your next journey, we have compiled this list.

While reviewing these ideas, keep in mind that psilocybin magic mushrooms love to mess with plans. We often don’t end up doing what we thought we would on magic mushrooms, and if there is one thing I’ve learned from psychedelics, it is to be flexible.

If You Are Tripping Right Now and Need Support

Drink some water and take deep breaths. Most common magic mushrooms  (Such as the psilocybe cubensis) can feel strange, but their effects are always temporary and are not toxic, except at extremely high doses unrealistic for most people to consume.

If you think you need help:

  • Remember, mushrooms are temporary. This feeling will pass.
  • Deep breaths are calming.
  • Put on some relaxing music.
  • Drink water, and maybe have a snack.
  • If you can, a walk in the park or going outside can help.
  • Call a friend you trust and chat.
  • If you have no one to call, try the Fireside psychedelic support line.
  • If your friends, sitters, or a support line cannot help, contact professional medical support.


Understanding Set and Setting

What is Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD)?

Psychedelic researchers learned early on that having a good set and setting consistently helps people have positive experiences. The process is pretty simple but is worth taking some time to consider, particularly if you are a first-timer.

What is Set?

“Set” is your mindset going into a trip. Psychedelics have been described as “amplifiers” by Stan Grof, a pioneering psychedelic therapist. What this means is that whatever you are feeling has the potential to become stronger during a trip.

If you are excited and curious about entering a trip, this may help your journey. On the other hand, taking a high dose of mushrooms during a difficult time in life can be challenging and not recommended by most users (unless it is part of psychedelic-assisted therapy).

What is Setting?

“Setting” is the environment you do your mushrooms in. Just like what is inside, you can become amplified, and so can the factors in your environment.

For example, taking magic mushrooms while alone in your room will likely be introspective, while taking mushrooms at a music festival will probably bring you into connection with music and other people. This might seem obvious, but when you're peaking on mushrooms, things can be intense, and being in a place you feel safe and comfortable is the best way to relax and enjoy an experience.

Be sure to take care of practical concerns by getting to know a space. Where is the bathroom? If outside, where can you find shade or shelter from the rain? Are your clothes comfortable, too warm, warm enough? Do you have water?


Do I Need a Tripsitter?

MDMA Therapy

A sitter or trip sitter is a sober person with you on your trip. Tripsitters are a good idea for people who are new to psychedelics, nervous, are trying a big dose, or need psychedelic therapy.

Ideally, your sitter is a person who is either experienced or very informed about psychedelics. They can offer reassurance, physical help, or simply “hold space” by witnessing your experience. It can also be helpful to integrate psychedelic experiences with a sitter later on.

If you are considering psychedelic therapy for something like depression, be sure to choose a qualified, professional guide. Expecting your friend to help you through a high-dose mushroom trip when you are depressed is not safe. Be careful selecting guides. Check with others about their reputation, as severe cases of abuse have occurred.


Understanding the Effects of Magic Mushrooms

What Are Psilocybin Spores? A Full Guide!

While set and setting are helpful for a safe and comfortable experience, the reality of using psychedelics is that their effects are hard to predict. We can stack the odds in our favor, but precisely what personal insight, hallucination, or creative idea will emerge will probably always stay an unknown factor. However, here are some rough guidelines.

How Long Do Shrooms Last?

Most mushroom trips last between 6 - and 8 hours, sometimes less. Different mushroom strains do vary in potency and are potentially longer-lasting than others, so be aware of what you are taking. There are generally four stages of a mushrooms trip:

  • Onset - within the first 30 minutes to an hour, the mushrooms should take effect
  • Peak - after an hour, the peak begins and will be the most psychedelic part, lasting an hour or two
  • Comedown - for 2 or 3 hours after the peak, the effects are felt but lessen
  • Afterglow - this is a pleasant feeling that can last for hours or days after a trip

What Does Tripping on Shrooms Feel Like?

Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) – A Neglected Consequence of Using Mushrooms Acid, and other Psychedelics

There are many effects of mushrooms, which are quite difficult to describe in plain English. Here are a few you might expect:

  • Happiness, joy, unease, fear, confusion.
  • Body Sensations - warmth, tingling, “buzzing”.
  • Increased heart rate, chills, sweating, shaking, and impaired motor control.
  • Distorted sense of time.
  • Heightened emotions, uncontrollable crying or laughing.
  • Philosophical thoughts about life or the universe.
  • Spiritual experiences or insights.
  • Hallucinations - walls “breathing,” patterns, geometry, closed eye journeys, synesthesia.


General Safety: Good Ideas vs. Bad Ideas on Shrooms

The world can get to be a pretty magical and fantastic place on mushrooms. Going on adventures or trying new things can feel very exciting. However, it’s essential to be aware that not everything you experience on mushrooms is real. People thinking they can fly is extremely rare but illustrates the point. Taking an extra moment to evaluate your impulse while tripping is a solid safety measure.

Red Lines: Things Not To Do While Tripping On Magic Mushrooms or Other Psychedelics


On mushrooms, activities like simply going to the store or even outside your house can be pretty intense. The world can be very confusing on mushrooms, everyday objects like cell phones can stop making sense, and sober people can seem confusing. It is easy to get stuck in “loops” or repetitive paranoid thoughts when things don’t make sense to your mushroom mind.

  • Anything that requires motor skills and focus should not be attempted. Don’t drive, operate power tools, or use dangerous kitchen appliances like your oven while tripping.
  • Activities or people interrupting the comfort of your set or setting. Stay safe and comfortable. Say no to people who make you feel uncomfortable, turn off your phone, unplug your landline, change the song messing with your head.
  • Acting on strong emotions. For example, calling your ex or your mom to tell them you love them. Dealing with angry or upset people can be difficult. Save big conversations for later when you are sober.
  • Large events like festivals are not for everyone, same with bars, parties, and clubs. Going to a demonstration or emotional event can be difficult as mushrooms may make you sensitive.

These are general guidelines; what you do or don’t do on Psilocybin shrooms is up to you. Some people can go mountain biking or to a rave, while others won’t want to leave their couch.

Cautions and Warnings

What Does HPPD Look Like?

For the safety of yourself and everyone around you, it is crucial to treat taking psychedelics seriously. Taking the correct dose for your experience level or getting a sitter or guide are things to consider.

Mixing substances

Mixing substances can be dangerous. Even smoking cannabis can affect a mushroom trip in unexpected ways. Combining other drugs and alcohol with mushrooms is not recommended.

If you are on antidepressants or other pharmaceuticals, talk to a professional about drug interactions with psychedelics before experimenting.

The Legal Question

Ketamine legal status

Understanding the laws in your area around psychedelics is your responsibility.

Laws regarding psychedelic mushrooms are changing around the world. Prior to taking any substance, you should know if they are legal, decriminalized, or illegal where you live. Even if magic mushrooms were decriminalized in your country, you still need to know how much you are allowed to possess.


Should You Trip on Mushrooms Alone or With Others?

Types of HPPD

This is a personal choice with many pros and cons to consider. When deciding on this factor, a handy tool can be taking a moment to consider your intentions by asking yourself, “why am I taking mushrooms?” This can offer clarity on whether you should take a journey alone, with a guide, or with others.

The Solo Mushroom Journey

Psychedelics vs. Meditation: Different Paths to Similar Ends

Doing shrooms alone can be a transformative experience. Other people can distract you from diving deep inside yourself, examining your life, being creative, or even healing.

Sometimes going with a group can be hard on mushrooms - everyone has different needs and ideas about what a mushroom trip should be like, and it can be easier to be alone. However, it is necessary to consider your experience level as tripping alone can be an intense journey. Without the confidence you can take care of yourself, mushrooms could become scary.

Psychedelic Therapy

​​​​What Is Psychedelic Therapy?

If you're looking to achieve the benefits you might read about in The New York Times, like quitting smoking, relieving depression, or PTSD, then psychedelic therapy is what you are after.

Using magic mushrooms alone or with friends will probably not help solve any of your therapeutic needs. A mushroom trip will remain a recreational experience without a dedicated therapist and medical procedure. Please note that if you suffer from conditions like PTSD or depression, taking Psilocybin mushrooms in a recreational environment might be a very unwise idea (for example, you may find yourself having a difficult/bad trip that revolves around your trauma without a professional who can help you facilitate and deal with it in a healthy way).
The use of psychedelics to treat a condition that you suffer from should only be attempted when you have the right team of facilitators and best-practice methods for psychedelic therapy.

Finding a therapist you can trust and using psychedelics as medicine is a great option but is not a casual process. Be prepared for an investment of time, effort, and money to work on mental health conditions.

Do not expect mushrooms to work as a miracle cure that you can perform alone in your room by journaling about your problems. Therapeutic psychedelic treatment includes many hours of talk therapy with professionals, and even then, it does not always work. Do not enter a trip assuming mushrooms will solve your problems.

If you are dealing with serious mental health conditions like depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, multiple personality, or other disorders, consult with a qualified psychedelic practitioner as mushrooms can destabilize and cause psychosis.

Taking Mushrooms With a Group

Tripping with your friends or partner can be one of the most significant bonding experiences of all your lives. There is a distinct feeling, documented in research settings, of “going through something together.” The laughs, adventures, and weird moments shared while tripping with a group is a worthy experience that can forge relationships that last a lifetime.

Taking mushrooms with your significant other can create deep intimacy. Talking about life, making love, or going on an adventure together is extra special with the help of the right amount of mushrooms heightens connection.

Some people like to use mushrooms with a group of friends at a festival or party. The connection created with everyone “being on the same level” together can be extremely silly, and even if things can get a little weird at times with group dynamics on mushrooms, the bonds everyone shares afterward are worth it.

Join a Retreat

What Is It Like to Meditate?

If you are interested in psychedelic healing, joining a retreat is possible in places like Mexico, the Netherlands, and Jamaica. The new friendships with people from around the world while working with ancient medicine adds a special dimension to the psychedelic mushroom experience. Using psychedelics as medicine while supported by shamans and guides has changed many lives. Be sure to check reviews of practitioners and only use reputable centers.


Movement and Body

Flying Women of Alicudi 

Sometimes taking magic mushrooms can be very energizing, and the impulse to get up, move around, and have an adventure can be hard to resist.

Red lines: Being Safe

Of course, remembering you can’t fly is key. And that your motor skills are not what they usually are when tripping on mushrooms. If you're going to attempt activities that require balance, special equipment, elements of danger, or coordination like dancing, be mindful about your state and go slow.

Physical Activities for Mushrooms

Many activities take on entirely new forms when tripping. Here are a few ideas if you feel like moving your body:

  • Taking a Walk - Getting outside and exploring is suddenly a huge adventure but well worth it.
  • Yoga - Let the mushrooms guide you to new places and positions with a heightened awareness.
  • Tai Chi/Qigong - When practicing moving meditation in connection with breath, the mushrooms will help you feel the energy moving.
  • Bicycle - Be careful and don't ride on the road! However, this is a great way to cover some ground and see the sights.
  • Swimming - Don’t go swimming without a sitter, but it is a sensory delight.
  • Skiing/Snowboard - don’t do this unless you’re experienced with psychedelics and the sport, but it is a popular one.
  • Movement Patterns/Dance - explore your body and its somatic sensations. You might discover new things about yourself.


Tripping with Nature and Mushrooms

When planning a mushroom trip, having access to nature is almost essential. The urge to run outside to look at the stars, clouds, trees, insects, flowers, and animals can be magnetic. Researchers have noticed that people feel a deeper connection to nature even in a laboratory with synthetic psilocybin, the active compound in mushrooms.


The camping trip with friends and a bag of mushrooms is a classic cliche. Finding a special spot away from society and immersed in nature is an excellent way to let mushrooms work their magic. Turning off the cell phones, and soaking up the beach, forest, desert, or mountains can leave you humbled and in awe of the natural world.

A critical side note is to set up camp before tripping. Trying to set up your tent on 4 grams in the dark is difficult. Also, remember to be extra prepared with water, tea, food, warm clothes, camping chairs, and batteries is a good idea, along with not wandering too far off into the forest in an altered state.

Music to Listen to on Magic Mushrooms

Music can be the driver of your entire psychedelic experience. The ability to conjure up emotions and memories, make us feel energized or chill is supercharged in a psychedelic state. Because of this, music is turning into an important part of psychedelic therapy. Turning out the lights or even putting on sunglasses or eyeshades, and noise-canceling headphones can become a profound inner journey.

In terms of what to listen to, going with whatever you like is the best choice, be it classical or psytrance. However, here are some popular choices to spark inspiration:

Psychedelic Classics

Pink Floyd

Jimi Hendrix

Grateful Dead

Modern Psychedelic Rock

Tame Impala



Electronic Psychedelic Music



Boards of Canada

Chill Music for Inner Journeys

Jon Hopkins

East Forest

Psychedelic Music with Visuals


Jade Cicada

Classical Music for Psychedelics


Yo-Yo Ma

John Hopkins Playlist

Some Big Reddit Music Threads

Art and Creativity on Magic Mushrooms

Psychedelics and creativity are best friends. So why not do something with all those crazy ideas the mushrooms have flowing through your head?


Our minds work very differently on psychedelics, with new ideas, perspectives, or the sense that we have finally “figured it out” is part of the voyage. Sometimes reading our ideas for fantastic new inventions isn’t as entertaining the next day. However, writing down the new patterns mushrooms provide can be a valuable tool to get more out of your psychedelics experience.

Writing can be a challenge on higher doses, so if you are determined to record your psychedelic insights, using a voice recorder on your phone is helpful.

Sometimes your thoughts make sense afterward, other times not, but examining your process in a sober state is the only way to find out.

Visual Art

Magic Mushrooms by Cosmaq
Art Credit:

You don’t need to be a pro to enjoy making art on psychedelics. Grab some crayons, sharpies, colored pencils, paint, even lego, and express yourself.

Just checking out psychedelic art can be an activity in itself on mushrooms; here are some favorites you can look for on Instagram: Simon Haiduk, Alex Grey, Amanda Sage, AyJay


Creating Music While on Mushrooms

A Musician’s Personal Take on Psychedelics and the Creative Process

Sound becomes very special on mushrooms, along with creative impulses. Jamming with yourself or others will feel different. The outside-the-box perspective mushrooms induce improvising and noodling around extra fun, although it can be hard to remember what exactly you did the next day or appreciate why it sounded good. Making a recording or writing down your inspiration will assist with recall.

Testimonial of a Professional Musician Tripping on Psychedelics

I'm no scientist, and I do not claim to understand how my brain works when I'm tripping on magic psilocybin shrooms, LSD, or even microdosing. But from my experiences, I noticed several changes in how I hear, play, and compose music.

Although my ability to comprehend larger musical structures gets somewhat disoriented, making it harder to compose music in real-time, I can sense the musical scales (which I understand on the academic level) much more clearly. I find myself playing the same scale repeatedly to hear how it wants to move within the musical space. I can find new paths to which the notes "want to go," new rhythmic ideas, and harmonies. In many cases, the music I play on shrooms resembles patterns that can be seen in other art forms. This makes my music much more centered around rhythm and harmony instead of advanced complicated melodies or musical structures. Lyrics are also something that comes to me intuitively when tripping. I'm talking about the ability to connect words to melody and harmony - not how smart these words actually are.

Tripping on shrooms opened new paths for me to explore as a musician. I'm not sure that objectively these musical paths are not the same once I take when I'm not tripping - but they feel much more alive to me, which makes all the difference when composing new music.

This can be great to help with brainstorming or writing a new song, or just a chorus. Maybe tripping can help create the first drafts, but I don't think that sitting in front of your DAW (Digital audio workstation like Logic, ProTools, Abelton, or Cubase) will feel that great unless you're an electronic music artist and this work environment is your home.

I prefer jamming in the park alone or with a good friend. However, I suggest recording that jam so you would be able to evaluate it with a clearer mind.

Cool musical aspects that I suggest exploring:

  • Whole tone scale
  • Lidian and lidian 7 scales
  • Moving from one modality to another or playing with modal interchange
  • Jamming in a slow 7/8 time signature or 4:3 Polyrhythms
  • Voice leading
  • Exploring the Jazz Real book (the bible of Jazz music)
  • Singing the same notes and changing the chords under it


Food for Tripping on Mushrooms

Crazy Bread from Horned Rye

Food and mushrooms don’t always mix. Shrooms can cause some nausea, but other times, when the mood hits, trying a variety of foods can be a fascinating sensory experience. Particularly interesting is experimenting with novel food combinations of flavors and textures. However, if you want to keep it simple, fruit is often the most popular choice. Heavy choices like meat or pasta may not sit well.

This Reddit thread has some interesting suggestions:


Internet, TV, Gaming, and VR While Tripping

VR, AR, the Metaverse, and Psychedelics

Technology and mushrooms are hit or miss - depending on your mood, it can be captivating, confusing, or boring. Some people turn off all their devices before a trip, as getting sucked into screens can consume a journey, which can be frustrating if your intentions were for something else. Other times, cruising the internet for trippy stuff, relaxing with a movie on the comedown, or if things get a little weird, a familiar video game can bring you back to earth.

Best Movies for Mushrooms

Again, this is a personal choice. A nugget of advice is that not every movie that seems psychedelic sober is good to watch on psychedelics. For example, Requiem for a Dream or Into the Void feels psychedelic but could put you into a bad headspace.

Colorful, light movies like Pixar or Disneycartoons, or stunning Avatar can bring out the visuals of shrooms and will be nice, light entertainment. Documentaries like BarakaSamsaraKooyanisqatsi, and Planet Earth can inspire awe and connection to the planet. Documentaries about taking psychedelics can also be fun. Some other classic choices for movies to watch while tripping are:

If you are with friends, a fun game is to mute the movies and make up your own dialogue for hilarious and sometimes surprisingly insightful results. Also, muting movies and playing favorite music overtop can create new meanings to old favorites.

VR and Video Games on Mushrooms

Virtual worlds can become incredibly immersive on psychedelics and may take up hours of a trip. This can be good or bad, depending on what you want for your trip. Video games are also sometimes a very safe and familiar place and are a decent choice of activity if you want to ground out.

Open sandbox games like Skyrim or Red Dead are popular. Classics like Mario Kart, Smash Bros, or Halo can be nostalgic and sort of comforting. Like music, movies, and so many other activities, this is an individual choice. Some people will feel great playing Call of Duty, but we don’t recommend violent, scary, or gory videos games while tripping for most people.

Psychedelic Mushrooms and Virtual Reality

With virtual reality becoming increasingly popular, some companies are creating VR experiences designed to be part of therapeutic psilocybin journeys, which have been dubbed “cyberdelics.”

There is a lot of excitement about creating experiences with VR and psychedelics, which can be explored in r/RiftintotheMind, a subreddit devoted to the topic, which is full of trip reports and game suggestions.

The Cosmic Flow VR experience is well-reviewed for specfic use with psychedelics, along with TRIPP. Other suggestions like exploring Google Earth, Wildlands, and Skyrim are popular. And while we have not tried them, below is a Reddit Post listing psychedelic VR games:


Quick Summary of How to Use Mushrooms

Although ideally people would use psilocybin mushrooms for therapeutic reasons and only with professional therapists, we must acknowledge the fact that recreational use of psilocybin is not going anywhere. Therefore, we ask recreational users to educate themself on the best harm reduction practices to avoid damage.

Please remember that magic mushrooms are potent tools for transformation, using them for tripping, creativity, enjoying life and other people can be meaningful for healthy adults almost like doing heavy therapeutic work, as long as they are treated with respect.

Pay close attention to your dose, always “start low and go slow,” and remember you can take more later, but not less.

Be aware of your mindset and environment. Don’t take mushrooms in places or with people where you may feel physically or emotionally unsafe. If you ever feel uncomfortable during a mushroom journey, take deep breaths and know your trip will end in a few hours.

If you are new to shrooms, please remember:

  • Be responsible and learn about the legal status of shrooms in your country.
  • Only take mushrooms if you feel it will be safe for your physical and mental health.
  • Set and Setting are the keys to having a good trip. Take time to prepare them.
  • Try not to do it alone if this is your first time.
  • Get a sitter if you are diving deep or nervous about taking mushrooms.
  • Be familiar with what you might feel while under the influence of magic mushrooms and how long they last.
  • Use friends or a hotline if you need help. People want to help you.
  • Do not mix magic mushrooms with alcohol, pharmaceuticals, or other drugs.
  • The effects of magic mushrooms are temporary. Try to relax and breathe.
  • What is “good” or “bad” things to do on mushrooms is personal; just be safe.

Mushrooms can be the best time of your life, but they can also be unpredictable. You can make a nice plan of what you would like your trip to be like from this list, but being flexible is more important because the mushrooms might have another agenda for you.

Whatever happens, try to surrender, relax, and enjoy your trip - The psychedelic experience that you feel while tripping on magic mushrooms is temporary and soon you will come back to your old self.

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