Many psychedelic users find the taste of magic mushrooms unpleasant and unbearable. As a result, they seek alternative methods to consume them, such as making psilocybin-infused recipes like blue honey, chocolate, gummies, tea, and more.

If you are new to psychedelic substances, you might wonder if you should smoke or eat magic mushrooms to have a more robust experience.

But first, can you smoke magic mushrooms? Then, if you can, is it worth your time?


Why Would Anyone Smoke Magic Mushrooms?

can you smoke shrooms?

Recreational drug users often attempt to consume psychedelics or other substances using different consumption methods, including smoking.

When you smoke a substance, it rapidly goes through the bloodstream to the lungs and brain, so you quickly feel the effects. It is common for people to smoke various substances, such as tobacco, cannabis, Salvia, and DMT.

But will it work for shrooms?


Is It Possible to Smoke Shrooms?

Smoking shrooms is not a popular method of consumption. But if you are wondering if it is possible to smoke psilocybin magic mushrooms, the short answer is that it is possible; however, it is not recommended due to many risks and disadvantages, and in most cases, the lack of psychedelic effects.

Psilocybin Magic Mushroom therapy

Let's delve deeper into details and learn more about the concept of smoking psilocybin mushrooms.


Would Smoking Shrooms Have Similar Effects to Eating Them?

So far, no research has been conducted on the effects of smoking magic mushrooms. As a result, we do not possess knowledge of the exact mechanism and cannot claim to understand how it works.

Nevertheless, although it cannot replace fundamental research, reading testimonials online from psychedelic users provides a better understanding of the phenomenon.

What Happens if You Smoke Shrooms?

Some psychedelic users have experimented with smoking magic mushrooms and shared their insights online.

Most users online claim that they didn't experience anything when they tried to smoke shrooms. However, some users did say that they felt a small psychedelic effect, although they can't guarantee it wasn't a placebo or the cannabis they mixed it with.

Based on our observations, it seems that the effects are nothing compared to those of a real magic mushroom trip.

These are some of the first-person experiences posted on Reddit:


The Difference Between Digesting and Smoking Psilocybin Shrooms

The most traditional way of consuming magic mushrooms is by eating them. The digestive system is primarily responsible for your psychedelic mushrooms experience.

When you ingest magic mushrooms, the psychoactive substance psilocybin breaks down into psilocin in the stomach. Moreover, psilocin binds to serotonin receptors, which results in the psychedelic and hallucinogenic effects associated with the drug.

When you inhale magic mushrooms instead of digesting them, the psilocybin substance will not reach your digestive system.

In addition, the heat generated by the smoking process rapidly degrades the psilocybin substance. Meaning that it will degrade the potency of magic mushrooms. As a result, the common psychedelic effects caused by magic mushrooms will be mild or not at all.


What Are the Dangers of Smoking Magic Mushrooms?

Is smoking shrooms a good idea? Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to consider when it comes to smoking magic mushrooms.


Choosing the appropriate dose of shrooms can be a big challenge since smoking them is entirely different from ingesting them. Due to the lack of research on smoking shrooms, a suitable and safe dosage cannot be established.

Risk of Lung Infection and Mold Spores

If you smoke magic mushrooms, you may end up inhaling mold. If you have lung problems, a mold allergy, or a weakened immune system, mold can pose a risk with serious health consequences. These molds can grow on various plants and fungi, including tobacco, cannabis, and mushrooms.

When you smoke mold spores by accident, they can cause severe damage to your respiratory system and cause lung irritation, infection, and certain types of allergies.

While smoking magic mushrooms, you also risk developing mild to serious lung infections. Severe infections can be caused by a specific type of fungus named Aspergillosis. The fungus can affect the respiratory system and trigger allergic reactions, which can be dangerous. Similarly, another type of fungi called Airborne fungi can get stuck in the throat or lungs and can cause major fungal infections.

Smoking Risks

Smoking itself is a dangerous activity. There are some serious effects of smoking drugs. The daily use of tobacco can trigger many health conditions. As well as, people who regularly use cannabis may develop some chronic diseases and respiratory infections.

General health effects of smoking include but are not limited to:

  • Cardiac problems
  • Respiratory infections
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Increased risk of lung and heart diseases

Side Effects of Magic Mushrooms

Since there is no research on smoking shrooms, we cannot know whether these side effects apply specifically to smoking shrooms. Some common side effects of magic mushrooms include:

  • Increased body temperature
  • Drowsiness
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Yawning
  • Nervousness
  • Panic
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Vomiting

Bad Trips

Smoking magic mushrooms may result in a bad trip. Although these bad trips are uncommon, mainly due to the low-mild effect associated with smoking shrooms, there is still a possibility of having such trips in specific scenarios due to some side effects like panic, anxiety, nausea, and other physical and mental symptoms.


How Do Users Smoke Shrooms?

Smoking magic mushrooms requires that you dry them first. After drying your magic mushrooms with the chosen method, you will need to grind them into powder. Then, the powdered mushrooms can be rolled with a smokable plant such as tobacco. However, this is not recommended at all.

Can You Vape Magic Mushrooms?

According to what we could find online from multiple psychedelic users, vaping shrooms seem very similar to smoking them. Some users claim that one advantage of vaping is the ability to adjust the temperature. However, it is believed that the vaporizer's heat will also probably degrade the shrooms, making it a less effective method.

Vaping shrooms probably won't give you a deep and meaningful psychedelic experience. So this method, like smoking, is considered a waste of good shrooms. If you try hard enough, you might get a low-mellow psychedelic experience, but it is not recommended due to various risks and disadvantages.

Other Consumption Methods

What Is Magic Mushroom Tea & How to Make It at Home?

Smoking magic mushrooms isn't a good idea, but it isn't the only alternative way to consume psilocybin. Other consumption methods can spice up your magic mushroom experience:

Magic mushrooms can be preserved for a long time by making psychedelic blue honey.

Magic mushroom chocolate is also a fun way to consume and store mushrooms.

Magic mushroom tea is a simple method with various benefits.


Mixing Magic Mushrooms With Cannabis

Marijuana and magic mushrooms share many similarities; both affect mood, alter the user’s perception, and create a euphoric state, but they are not quite the same. However, marijuana can also have some hallucinogenic effects in some cases.

We do not advise using this combo, especially if you are new to psychedelics.

Smoking Magic Mushroom and Weed Together

Can you put shrooms in a blunt? Is it safe to smoke shrooms with weed? Another way of smoking magic mushrooms can be powdering and mixing them with tobacco or marijuana. However, this is also not recommendable since the outcome can be intense and unpredictable.

Mixing drugs can create intense trips that are hard to handle. The substances alone are already powerful enough; smoking them together can bring additional risks.

Smoking Weed During a Magic Mushroom Trip

Smoking weed before, during, and after a magic mushroom trip is much more common than smoking the two in the same blunt; however, there is still an element of danger involved.

Some users smoke cannabis to relax or overcome nausea caused by magic mushrooms. However, smoking weed can also cause anxiety, paranoia, negative emotions, and unwanted side effects.

One of these side effects is the risk of having Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) after mixing psilocybin and cannabis. HPPD is a condition where people experience persistent hallucinations and visual distortions that last long after taking psychedelics. In this review, researchers investigated case reports of HPPD, and they noted that this disorder was present in people who combined psilocybin and cannabis.

Learn more about Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD).


It is essential to be aware of the potential side effects of combining cannabis with magic mushrooms and have substantial prior experience with both substances before mixing them in any way. Without experience with the substances, their combined effects may overwhelm and lead to a bad trip.

Here are some experiences of psychedelic users:


Safety Suggestions For Magic Mushrooms

If you choose to consume magic mushrooms in any way, whether by smoking, eating, or any other method, make sure you do so in a safe environment and state of mind.

For a safe and enjoyable trip, consider the following:

Set and Setting

Your mental state and physical environment drastically influence your psychedelic experience. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of your Set (internal state) and Setting (external environment) before experiencing shrooms or other psychedelics.


Psychedelics are highly dose-dependent substances, meaning the dose of the drug will directly affect the powerful hallucinogenic effects. So make sure you research and decide the dosage of your psychedelic trip beforehand.

Trip Sitter

It is recommended that you have a sober person (trip sitter) with you during the psychedelic trip if you intend to take magic mushrooms for the first time or if you wish to feel more secure during the trip. If you cannot trust anyone to take care of this for you, you may want to consider hiring a professional trip sitter.

Learn more about what it means to be a good trip sitter.

Food and Drink

Due to its effects on the digestive system, psilocybin may make you somewhat hungry or thirsty, while for others, it may decrease their appetite and cause nausea.

Find out what you should and shouldn't eat and drink while on magic mushrooms.

Mixing with Other Drugs

As mentioned above, taking shrooms with weed is not recommended. Furthermore, combining shrooms with other psychedelics and street drugs can lead to severe harmful effects. Therefore, it is strongly advised not to mix shrooms with other drugs or medications.

On their own, magic mushrooms are strong enough, so there is no need to combine them with other substances, which may drastically increase your risks.


It Might Be Possible to Treat Tobacco Addiction With Magic Mushrooms

Interestingly, another connection between magic mushrooms and smoking is that they might be therapeutic for tobacco addiction when used in the right conditions.

In this study published in 2014, researchers at John Hopkins studied psilocybin for the treatment of smoking cessation. The results were encouraging since they discovered that 80% of the patients quit their addictive behavior in a 6-month follow-up.

Despite the need for further research, the substance appears promising for the future treatment of tobacco addiction.


Summary: Is Smoking Shrooms Worth It?

Due to the potential side effects of smoking magic mushrooms, such as lung infections and the fact that you will probably end up with a weak psychedelic experience, smoking magic mushrooms may not be worth your time and money.

In addition to smoking or eating magic mushrooms, there are many other ways to consume shrooms, including capsules, tea, honey, chocolate, gummies, and many other products or recipes.

If you still decide to experiment with smoking psilocybin, research beforehand and make your experience as safe as possible!

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