Shrooms With Orange Juice: Orange Tek Explained

In the psychedelic community, orange juice has been mentioned as a home remedy for a variety of negative side effects, especially for shrooms. While some people genuinely inquire how it will affect them, others are more concerned about how it will affect their trip and whether it will enhance it or ruin it.

Just like with everything else without any palpable evidence, we’re left to base our own opinions and draw conclusions on different testimonials and experiences from different people. As always, there will be those who are for it and those who are against it, but with such opposing views on whether it will intensify or completely kill a trip, it’s impossible to predict what will happen in your case.


Orange Juice and Magic Mushrooms

In connection to psychedelics, you might have heard of lemon tek, the practice of steeping magic mushrooms in lemon juice in order to convert psilocybin into its active form, psilocin, for an easier uptake.

So, why orange juice?

Why Do People Take Orange Juice with Shrooms?

Based only on user testimonials and claims, there are a few different reasons why people are jumping on board the orange juice train, with some of the most common being:

  • To reduce or prevent nausea.
  • To try the effects of lemon tek, but they hate the flavor of lemon.
  • To enhance their shrooms trip.
  • To make the shrooms trip hit sooner.

The Science Behind it: Does Orange Juice Enhance Shrooms?

The most important reason why orange juice has an effect on magic mushrooms is the chemical component of mixing acetic acid with psilocybin. It helps break down psilocybin into its active form, psilocin which makes it easier to be absorbed by the body and prevents the onset of nausea.

Lenon Tek Vs. Orange Tek

Orange juice contains acetic acid, which, just like lemon tek, converts psilocybin into psilocin, promoting the way it gets metabolized in the body and bringing the trip on much faster and more potent.

Funnily enough, lemons contain more acetic acid than oranges, so the effects you get with lemon tek should be stronger than using orange juice and shrooms.

The Sugar Content

Oranges are fairly high in sugar, with around 16 grams per serving. Many people believe that the sugar in orange juice might enhance or even ruin the trip, but there isn’t enough scientific data to prove either of the two theories.

Store Bought Orange Juice Vs. Homemade for Shrooms

People wonder whether it’s better to buy orange juice in the store or make one yourself. The orange juice products you buy in the store are pretty diluted with the level of acetic acid on the low side in order to prevent digestive discomfort. They’re also often full of other additives and sweeteners that further tamper with their acetic acid content. This goes to say that if you make fresh orange juice at home, it would, by default, have more acetic acid and, with it, more effect.

What About Other Citrus Juices?

Since acetic acid exists in other citrus juices too. It’s only fair to mention grapefruit juice and even tangerine juice as other possible ways to interact with your shrooms trip and potentially enhance its potency while reducing the risk of negative effects.

Still, it seems like grapefruit juice has other powerful enzymes that specifically interact with MDMA and ketamine, so there’s more to these amazing citrus fruits than meets the eye.


How to Make Orange Tek: Lemon Tek Mix With Fresh Orange Juice

For those who don’t like the taste of lemon, adding a little bit of OJ might be a great way to mask the flavor while still promoting all of the benefits. To make lemon tek, you’ll need:

  • Magic mushrooms
  • Fresh lemon juice (you’ll need about two lemons)
  • 2 Tbsp orange juice
  • water/tea (optional)


  1. Grind the shrooms into a fine powder
  2. Pour lemon and orange juice over the shrooms until it completely covers them. The strong flavor of orange juice will definitely take over, and you won’t be tasting lemon anymore.
  3. Leave it to steep for about 20-25 minutes, stirring every five minutes.
  4. You can then add a bit more orange juice, water, or even tea into the mixture or simply drink it as a shot.

Alternatively, you can use only oranges. However, it won't have the same pH level as lemon tek.

You can also make psychedelic Magic mushroom tea instead of lemon or orange tek.


Should You Mix Orange Juice with Shrooms?

Now that we know the science behind it, a better question would be, should you even do it? With so many people experiencing different symptoms when mixing these two substances, is it even worth trying?

If you’re known to experience nausea when taking shrooms and lemon tek doesn’t seem to work, mixing them with orange juice might be an option to test out. Since the difference in pH levels between the two substances is pretty big, there’s really no way of knowing how it will affect you and how it will act when mixed with your stomach acid.

Some say you should drink water as a neutral medium when mixing orange juice and shrooms, but there’s no scientific data that proves this makes any difference. Some even go so far as to say it ruined their trip and made the experience a complete waste of time.

It’s safe to say that at the end of the day, whether you choose to try it out or not depends only on you and your preference, as there’s no real way of knowing how it will affect you.

Orange Juice Helps With Hydration

One thing is for sure, orange juice definitely helps you stay hydrated. Many people prefer not to eat or drink while taking shrooms, but they should still be drinking water. The usual shrooms trip lasts anywhere from four to six hours, and it’s important to stay hydrated throughout that time.

Dehydration and Taking Shrooms

Dehydration brings on a variety of different health conditions, from fatigue and dizziness to headaches and even delirium. When taking shrooms, it’s important to stay hydrated as many people report feeling even more thirsty while they’re tripping.

Even though shrooms aren’t scientifically proven to dehydrate you, just the mere fact you’re feeling euphoric and energized might make you lose precious fluids and increase the need to drink more water.


What To Drink With Shrooms?

What Is Magic Mushroom Tea & How to Make It at Home?

Citrus juices aside, there are other beverages that are known to pair well with magic mushrooms.

The usual suspects are tea and coffee as many people believe these two substances enhance the trip. The only downside with coffee is that it might intensify the jittery feelings too, so if it’s your first time giving it a go, you should probably be better off with decaf.

Other fruit juices are high in sugar, and some users report this helps with nausea, but others claim it ruined their trip. Once again, there seems to be a different response from individual to individual.

What About Other Psychedelics?


Since lemon tek is mostly used with shrooms, the majority of experiences and testimonials around orange juice and other citrus juices come from mixing it with the same hallucinogen, but what about other psychedelics? There are some claims and myths about them too that are worth mentioning.

Orange Juice and LSD

How to store LSD

Taking shrooms with orange juice is one thing, but it’s also worth mentioning its connection to another famous psychedelic, LSD. There is no specific scientific research behind the way orange juice influences an LSD trip, and experts can only speculate about potential reasons.

Some believe it’s due to the high vitamin C content and serotonin levels increase, which can have a strong and positive influence on your LSD trip, but with the lack of any solid evidence, it’s hard to know for sure.

Just like some people believe it enhances your LSD trip, others believe it reduces its intensity and potentially even kills the whole experience. And then there are some who even go so far as to say that chlorine in water can mess up with the uptake of LSD.

Those who are interested in how orange juice mixes with LSD usually have some anecdotes about acetic acid and the way it affects shrooms, but since LSD is a completely different type of psychedelic drug that does not contain psilocybin, it’s impossible to draw a conclusion.

There are, however, some interesting experiences and reports of people who’ve tried mixing orange juice and LSD. One of these became an urban legend when in fear of being caught by the police, took a whole sheet of LSD and then thought he was a glass of orange juice and someone was going to drink him.

Grapefruit Juice and Ketamine

Since grapefruit has strong and unique enzymes, studies show its effect on taking ketamine, increasing its potency and concentrations in your blood. While there are no studies that combine orange juice and ketamine, it’s not impossible that the mix might yield somewhat similar results.


Final Thoughts

It seems like mixing shrooms with orange juice has a variety of different possible outcomes. It can either enhance the trip and make it more potent, ruin your trip and nullify your psychedelic symptoms, or do absolutely nothing. The exact end result is impossible to predict, even with full knowledge of how someone reacts to lemon tek, as there are plenty of factors that contribute to a full psychedelic experience. Orange juice just might make it taste better.

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