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Did LSD Bread Cause the Salem Witch Trials?

Did LSD Cause the Salem Witch Trials?

When local girls from Salem began to have strange visions, the intensely religious Puritan community jumped to the conclusion of witchcraft. But, persecution of witches had been out of fashion for more than a decade in Europe, so what exactly made accusations of witchcraft so real for Salem? A popular theory is that Salem residents…

The Story of Alicudi, Italy’s LSD Island

The Story of Alicudi, Italy's LSD Island

Ever wonder what would happen if someone did dose the water supply? Well, far from society, off the coast of Sicily, the tiny island of Alicudi found out.  The most isolated of the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily, this remote, dormant volcano has been surrounded by mysterious tales of magic since being settled….