Therapeutic Infusion Centers

Therapeutic Infusion Centers
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Therapeutic Infusion Centers is one of the first clinics in Central Arkansas to offer ketamine infusions. In addition, they also offer hydration and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The goal of the therapies is to improve physical and mental health.

The IV infusions of ketamine are pain-free. Each does is determined by their team of specialists to meet the patient’s particular needs. Ketamine, a common anesthetic drug, is now favored for the treatment of depression when other treatments have failed.

Therapeutic Infusion Centers in 415 North McKinley, Suite 525 Little Rock, AR 72205

Their motto is "From Hopeless to Hopeful, we can help"  we find it to be charming and our hope is that they live up to their promise of helping people in their time of need,

If you're interested, feel free to talk to them to schedule a free consultation to learn more about their services.

Treatment for
Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Pain, Neuropathic Pain, Pelvic Pain Syndromes, Phantom Limb Pain, PTSD, Bipolar Depression, OCD
Additional services
Complexion Therapy, NAD+ Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Hydration Therapy
415 N McKinley St, Little Rock, AR 72205
ZIP Code
Leading MD's
Stephen D. Hill CRNA, Michael Lemley CRNA, Susie Lemley, RN.
Little Rock


PSYfront Editorial | February 8, 2022
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