We've gathered several Bicycle day events from all over the world, to memorize the historic event and memorize the day when Albert Hofmann have discovered LSD by accident and rode back home on his bicycle and made the world's first LSD bicycle trip.

Warning: practicing and physical activity and especially riding bicycles is extremally dangerous if done under influence of any drugs or alcohol and not advised in any age.


San Francisco, USA

San Francisco bicycle day
San Francisco bicycle day

Bicycle Day Returns to San Francisco April 19th, Feat. Emancipator, Desert Dwellers & Many Others, more info.


Nevada City, CA, USA

Nevada city CA - bicycle day 2022

Trippy vibes, vendors, groovy beats, and psychedelic art by Sirus Fountain, more info.
Hermosa Beach, California, USA more info
Melbourne Australia 
 bicycle day 2022 - Melbourne
Celebrate what has spawned from that discovery in the arts and music culture feat plenty of psychedelic trance, more info and tickets.
Another Bicycle day in Melbourne Australia
Australia -bicycle-day 2022
Another event on Apr 16 , 2022 by Kyle Grace, more info.
Event By Deliria Family, more info and tickets here.
eleusis-bicycle-day -022jpg
Eleusis Society gather an event this year, more info.
Kaffeebar Quentin - Austria
Kaffeebar Quentin bicycle day 2022
At 19:00 there will be a regular Event including a presentation about the History and Use of LSD, more info.
Paris France
 bicycle day 2022 Paris France
This event will show the movie "The Substance", the story of Albert Hofmann's LSD, more info.
Lyon, France
At Parc de la Tête d'or, Rally at 18:30 in front of the Greater Serre, near the statue of Monsieur Pauvre, more info.
Toulouse France
 bicycle-day-2022-Toulouse France
Event by Société psychédélique française, meeting in the cellar of Moloko, 6 rue Jourtx Aigues in Toulouse from 20:30.
Paul Gormand, Organic Chemist, a graduate of the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi will offer a presentation on the LSD. More info.
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