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Xanga Guru Experiences is located in Puerto Morelos town of Mexico. The center offers private sessions with Ayahuasca and traditional medicine. The retreats often last for two days and include an overnight stay. If individuals wish to participate in the retreats with their family or loved ones, there are also options for two to three people per ceremony. The group can be a maximum of eight people. The integration sessions happen after the ceremonies between the participant and the facilitator.

The ceremony also involves Rapé snuff and an optional experience with Sananga Eye drops. The shaman wants a specific Ayahuasca diet, starting three days prior to the ceremony. The diet includes vegetarian food and withdrawal from coffee, salt, sugar, spices, junk food, and red meat. Also, participants should not drink alcohol or smoke.

The private independent cabinets provided from the center that has a bathroom, bed, hammocks, and internet connection. Also, there are communal areas with a pool, kitchen, and dining room.

Xanga Guru Experiences also provide other plants medicine species such as Peyote, San Pedro, Psilocybin, and Xana upon request.

Treatment for
Wellness, Mental Health
Additional services
Rapé snuff, Sananga Eye drops
Rating (average)
Staff Members
Arturo Vega
Free Wifi, A/C in Rooms, Pool, Kitchen, Towels, Vegan Food, Vegetarian Food, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Pescetarian, Organic, Nut Free
Terrenos en la Ruta de los Cenotes, Quintana Roo, Puerto Morelos, 77580, Mexico
Puerto Morelo
ZIP Code
Number of Days
2 Days


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