The Call of the Jaguar Retreats


The Call of the Jaguar is a retreat center near Medellin, Colombia. The center is entirely immersed in nature and provides visitors with a calming and relaxing space.

They offer 10-day retreats, including ancestral ceremonies. The medicines they use are Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Inipi, Crystals, and others. The ten-day retreat program includes three Ayahuasca ceremonies, two Temazcal ceremonies, and one Wachume ceremony. They also offer preparation for ceremonies and integration and sharing circles after the ceremonies. Rapé medicine is provided for the meditation sessions, and purges happen to cleanse the body.

They also have various activities outside the ceremonies, including jungle walks, rafting in the river, the Rio Claro canyon, and beautiful natural places in Colombia. There is even an option for native tree planting.

The accommodations are in shared places in ecological cabins, all equipped with a bathroom, shower, Jacuzzi, hot water, sink and toilet, coffee area, and refrigerator.

There are many facilitators taking part in the retreat and ceremonies. The healers are natives of the Amazonian jungle and have years of experience with the traditions of Ayahuasca medicine. There are also artists, dancers, musicians, and yoga and meditation teachers in the retreat center.

Treatment for
Wellness, Mental Health, Detox
Additional services
Sharing circles with Mambe, Ambil, and tobacco, meditation with Rapé medicine, live music, purges, plant baths, rafting, visiting Rio Claro canyon, boat tour, and sound bath
Rating (average)
Staff Members
Taita Leonidas Lezama, Mother Angie Cristina García, Mayor Erminsul Lucitante, Taita Cofán Avelino Quenamá, Grandmother Lorena Orrego, Iyari García Orrego, Santiago Valenzuela, Lorena Velasquez, Camilo Cuervo, Juan Carlos Garcés
Free Wifi, Kitchen, Transportation to/from the Airport, Organic
El Llamado del Jaguar - Doradal Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia
Number of Days
Over 7 Days


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