Taita Inti


Taita Inti is a place that is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and offers sessions with Ayahuasca plant medicine. Their retreats are often in Europe and different locations in Sweden. They collaborate with Peruvian shamans to conduct the rituals. Experienced shamans lead the ceremonies and support people in their self-awareness journey.

The program includes plant-based food and group accommodations for a maximum of 12 people. They offer master plant dietas, Kambo sessions, Ayahuasca brew, body-mind therapies, and spiritual guidance. Retreats can be 4 days to 14 days long depending on the personal need. Integration sessions can be booked through Skype with the shaman to reflect back to ceremonies and learn from the experiences.

There are also private ceremonies available for people who require individual support. As well as, they open their space to people who want to host their own ceremonies.

They do not have one facility, but rather they travel throughout Europe and rent temporary spaces. They also offer ceremonies in Asia and Perú. There are sleeping spaces for each participant, and vegetarian meals are always included in the price.

Treatment for
Wellness, Mental Health, Detox
Additional services
Master plant dietas, Kambo sessions, body-mind therapies, online integration sessions and spiritual guidance
Rating (average)
Staff Members
Naysha Silva, Mae, Celia Panduro, Yuri
Kitchen, Vegetarian Food, Organic
Stockholm, Sweden
Number of Days
4 Days, 5 Days, 6 Days, 7 Days, Over 7 Days


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