Onanya Joni Shipibo Europe


Onanya Joni Shipibo Europe is a healing center in Lisbon that offers three-night ceremonies with plant medicine. The place was established in 2010 by Sankan Usna. They hold retreats related to Shipibo and Quechua-lamista traditions and work with master plants.

They offer 1-week retreats with plant medicine and 10 days of the shamanic diet. Their retreats include tobacco rituals, flower baths, Takiwasi workshops, ceremonies, and island trips.

In this place, they work with various plants, such as Bubinzana, Ajosacha, Mucura, and Copaiba, and they are all used for different purposes. Some of them are for cleansing or preparation for Ayahuasca ceremonies. Some for balance, health wounds, and skin problems.

Their retreats have three levels of depth, and it is up to individuals which one they go for. The Seminar is for 4 days and includes an introduction to Ayahuasca and Tobacco. The Shamanic Retreat is for 7 days and two ceremonies with Ayahuasca. Detox Retreat lasts 7 days and includes more activities, dream work, and workshops. Shamanic Diet is for 9 days and consists of a Tobacco ritual, two ceremonies with Ayahuasca, individual songs, and isolation for 7 days. They strictly follow the Ayahuasca dieta.

Sankan Usna also offers online sessions for people who require them.

Treatment for
Wellness, Mental Health
Additional services
Dream workshop with Danae Saenz, tobacco rituals, trips to the island
Rating (average)
Staff Members
Sankan Usna
Vegan Food, Vegetarian Food, Organic
Number of Days
4 Days, 7 Days, Over 7 Days


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