Novalis is a retreat center and artist residency located in Peru. They offer Ayahuasca and nature retreats. They conduct the retreats only with a small group of people (maximum eight) so there is more support, attention, and individual care.

The place is surrounded by deep jungles and offers its visitors an immersive time in nature. Guests are staying a small family house in the nature. Accomodation is made in shared places. The retreat includes individual consultations, flower baths, aura cleansing, plant dietas for individuals, sharing circles, jungle walks, translators for Spanish.

Loyver Yui Lopez conducts ceremonies and is a Shipibo from the Alto Ucayali community. For the lenght of retreats, there are two different options. People can choose between eight days with three ayahuasca ceremonies, and sixteen days four ceremonies. As well as, there is another option of eight days with individual master plant dieta. The retreats are often specified as well, such as only for women, creatives, or artists.

They prepare vegan and vegetarian food in the center, the ingredients are organic, and often locally grown food. There are also various activities between the ceremonies, such as walking int the forest and identifying wild plants of Amazonian jungles.

Treatment for
Wellness, Mental Health, Detox
Additional services
Individual consultations with the shaman, flower baths for aura cleansing, plant dietas, sharing circles before and after the retreats, jungle walks and observation of animals and plants in the Amazon, forest meditation, transpersonal psychology integration circles
Rating (average)
Staff Members
Loyver Yui Lopez
Kitchen, Transportation to/from the Airport, Vegan Food, Vegetarian Food, Organic
Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios, Peru
Madre de Dio
Number of Days
Over 7 Days


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