House of Oneness


House of Oneness is a retreat space located in the Netherlands and established by Maria Johanna. Maria is a facilitator and healer that has been leading Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Netherlands for many years.

The retreats are often two or three days and consist of a maximum of 16 people. Maria and Om-Mij facilitate these ceremonies together. She also organizes private ceremonies with one or two people. The ceremonies often last for six hours.

The food is plant-based, prepared in the center, and available right after the ceremonies. They also provide breakfast in the mornings. The accommodation is in shared spaces.

As an integration, they also offer group sharing circles and sessions to ease the process.

In House of Oneness, they also offer a Cacao ceremony, Rape, Truffle microdosing, and Aya-Cacao (Ayahuasca & Ceremonial Cacao) ceremonies. She provides coaching sessions as well where she teaches people about microdosing and implementation.

If people prefer to have ceremonies at their own homes, or with their inner circle, there is an online ceremony option where Maria guides the participants into their healing journeys through the screen.

Treatment for
Wellness, Mental Health, Drug Addiction
Additional services
Sharing circles, integration processes
Rating (average)
Kitchen, Vegetarian Food, Organic
M.J.C. Schouten, Luzacstraat 9-4, 1051JB Amsterdam
ZIP Code
Number of Days
2 Days, 3 Days


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