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Dreamglade is a retreat center in Peruvian Amazon surrounded by beautiful lakes. The place follows the Shamanic healing traditions and offers its visitors healing with Ayahuasca medicine and plant dietas. They also have free yoga classes and a sauna for participants to have a deep state of relaxation before or after the ceremonies.

The team consists of Shipibo healers, facilitators, and yoga teachers. The program includes various activities such as plant baths, individual healing sessions with shamans, jungle walks, swimming in the lake, and a jungle tobacco ceremony. As well as they provide nutritious meals and comfortable accommodations.

They also have Kambo treatment for individuals interested in experiencing the frog poison. The Ayahuasca retreats are often 5 days long and include 3 experiences with plant medicine. Accommodations are either done in private lake-side tambos or in the ‘Maloka’ which is the large ceremonial hut.

The founder of the centerü, Stacy Stephen Povey, is 12 years of living and working experience in Peru, and he has been working with shamanic traditions and medicinal plants. He also takes part in the ceremonies as a facilitator along with the healers and shamans.

Treatment for
Wellness, Mental Health, Detox
Additional services
Yoga, sweat lodge, massage, liver flushes, colon hydrotherapy, and kidney cleanses
Rating (average)
Staff Members
Raul Buenapico Ramirez, Lidia Huayta Ramirez, Stacy Stephen Povey, Drew Whelpley, Brittany Thompson
Sauna, Kitchen, Transportation to/from the Airport, Organic
Plaza de Armas, Iquitos 16000, Peru
ZIP Code
Number of Days
5 Days


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