KetaDASH: Mobile Ketamine IV therapy

KetaDASH: Mobile Ketamine IV therapy
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The KetaDASH ketamine clinic specializes in In-Home IV Therapy. Meaning that instead of going to a clinic, their team that consists of experienced nurses will come to your home, office, or even a mobile location to administer your ketamine session.

According to their about us page, they understand that people are just too busy to come to a clinic and that when you are not feeling well, you might not want to leave your home. Because of this, they offer mobile IV therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a mobile clinic that is open 7 days a week and flexible scheduling, you are able to focus on your mental health and wellness.

Ketamine IV treatments to your home by KetaDash

Unlike regular clinics Ketadash allows their patients to get Ketamine treatment in the comfort of their own house, this makes a major difference for some of the patients that suffer from severe depression or acute PTSD that find the mundane task of leaving the house impossible to accomplish. In addition the familiar environment allows the patients to be more relaxed and react even better to the treatment as we know the importance of set and settings.

8am – 9pm
7 days/week
Off-hour appointments available by request
Holiday appointments available

Treatment for
Depression, Anxiety Disorders, PTSD
Additional services
Non Ketamine IV Therapy: IV Drip Detox and Hangover Cures, IV Vitamin Therapy for Pain Management, IV Hydration Therapy for Health & Wellness, Athletic Advantage and Fitness Recovery, Addiction Therapy,.

580 California Street, 12th & 16th Floors, San Francisco, CA
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