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Sinchi Runa Retreat Center is located in Salir, Portugal, and offers plant medicine ceremonies, such as Ayahuasca and Kambo. They provide and nurture a sacred space where one can experience genuine healing and spiritual awakening. Their mission is to help people discover and awaken their wisdom by reconnecting with their true essence. They have twenty-five years of experience providing plant medicine ceremonies and shamanic retreats. They also follow Vedic teachings and provide Ayurvedic healing, astrology, lectures, mantras, and spiritual practices such as pranayama, meditation, and hatha yoga in their healing space.

Master Sanango is a shaman, teacher, and healer who leads the plant medicine ceremonies. He is connected to Amazonian Shamanism, Ayahuasca and Wachuma (San Pedro), and other plants and entheogens. The Ayahuasca retreat takes place in the beautiful city of Portugal, surrounded by nature. The ceremonies have a maximum of 14 people and take either 9 or 23 days. The plant medicine retreats include Ayahuasca ceremonies, a tobacco purge ceremony, and an optional Kambo ceremony. Also, integration circles and private consultations with the shaman are provided in the retreat center. If participants decide to arrive earlier than the ceremony day, they offer preparation, cleanse and detox before the ayahuasca.

Treatment for
Wellness, Mental Health, Detox
Additional services
Detox and Kambo initiation, ayurvedic healing, astrology, lectures, mantras and spiritual practices such as pranayama, meditation and hatha yoga, consultations with the shaman, integration circles
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Staff Members
Master Sanango, Mikaela Agnes, Kameron, Ananda Nataraja, Daru Krishna
Vegan Food, Vegetarian Food, Organic
Salir, 8100-202, Portugal
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Over 7 Days


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