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Pisatahua Ecolodge is a plant medicine retreat center in the Bolivian Amazon that offers healing with Ayahuasca plant medicine. They organize plant medicine ceremonies, including ayahuasca, wachuma, tobacco, and coca. They also have shamanic diet programs to cleanse and fully benefit from plant medicine.

The center offers small-group ceremonies where each individual gets personalized treatment. The healers of the retreats come from the Amazon and Andes, sharing their traditional shamanic knowledge with the participants. The staff consists of curanderos, facilitators, and a support and maintenance team.

The retreats are either 10 or 12 days long. There are various activities for visitors, such as healing practices, nature hikes, yoga, meditation, and many more.

Accommodations are made in cabins or in La Molaka, which is the ceremony building of the center. Cabins are all equipped and furnished, also they have an incredible view of nature. All ceremonies happen in the maloka and participants are free to do group sharing circles, meditation, yoga, and Tai Chi there. The place is filled with mattresses, pillows, blankets, buckets, yoga mats, and hand towels.

Treatment for
Wellness, Mental Health, Detox
Additional services
Jungle hike, canoe rides, bird watching, fishing, holotropic breathing, Reike, massage or Tai Chi
Rating (average)
Staff Members
Don Marcial, Wara Wara Puma, Tupak Wayra, Chaca, Erik Taylor, Sasha Rivero Taylor
Kitchen, Organic
Center for Holistic Medicina, Calle Félix Sattory 105; Riberalta, Bolivia
ZIP Code
Number of Days
Over 7 Days


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