Nihue Rao Ayahuasca Retreat


Nihue Rao is a plant medicine healing center that works with Ayahuasca and is located in the Amazon rainforest. The center is 90 minutes away from Iquitos, Peru and near the small village of Llanchama, surrounded by the Nanay River.

The master shaman is Ricardo Amaringo, who follows the Shipibo traditions for ceremonies. There is also a strict Ayahuasca diet applied in the center. The food is entirely plant-based and does not include meat, sugar, or salt. The ceremonies happen four times a week, and there is an integration process after each ceremony. The retreats are often 10 days long, often 14 days.

The accommodations are done in Bungalow houses or rooms. Bungalows are often for long-term stays and are within walking distance of the ceremony place. The rooms have electricity and a working internet connection all day. There is also a lounge area for people to relax and calm their minds. Guests are encouraged to spend time in the ceremony places, kitchen, lounge, and outdoor spaces.

Maestro Ricardo Amaringo also offers a Spiritual Wedding in the center for the people who wish to get married according to Shipibo traditions.

They also provide modern plant medicinal healing, purgative plants, flower bath, vapor bath, and cataplasms.

Treatment for
Wellness, Mental Health, Detox
Additional services
Integration circles, massages, spiritual wedding, modern plant medicinal healing, purgative plants, flower bath, vapor bath, and cataplasms
Rating (average)
Staff Members
Ricardo Amaringo
Free Wifi, Transportation to/from the Airport, Vegan Food, Vegetarian Food, Organic
Llanchama, Iquitos, 16000, Peru
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