Hayulima Retreat Center


Hayulima is a healing center in Ecuador and follows the traditional rituals of Indo-American and Andean cultures. They provide transformational healing with plant medicine.

They offer retreats that consist of sacred rituals, ceremonies with plant medicine, and workshops for 11 days. They also provide single ceremonies with Ayahuasca. The ceremony lasts only one night. The plant ceremonies include San Pedro, Peyote, and Yopo.

The accommodations are in wooden houses equipped with all necessary amenities and have a kitchen, dining room, living room, and balconies. The food in the retreat is vegetarian, dairy, and sugar-free meals, often prepared with local fruits and vegetables.

A Women's Spiritual Retreat is also offered in this center, where ten women participants join for a deep and intimate healing process. The retreat lasts seven days with a chance to experience plant medicine; it also includes movement, singing, art, deep talks, traditional ceremonies, and workshops. The experiences included in the program are temazcal / sweatlodge, and ayahuasca ceremonies, San Pedro ceremony, Kuyuri workshops, Uterine consciousness meditation, healing workshops, mud workshops, rituals of fire and heart, and pachamanca ceremonies.

Treatment for
Wellness, Mental Health, Detox
Additional services
Power hike, ceramic workshop, family constellation workshop, sacred sensuality workshop
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Staff Members
Tatiana Dávila, Rea Beaubien, Amalia Oviedo, Josefa Kirvin Kulix , Paulina Oviedo Quilla Pakari -Tsunkinua, Luis Ochoa y Norma Alvarez, Bárbara López, Paty von Buchwald
Via el Cinto - Lloa n⁰7, Mindo 171202, Ecuador
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Number of Days
7 Days, Over 7 Days


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